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Aug 6, 2012 5:30pm PDT
of the ban. >> as a result of our report senator leland yee introduced a bill that banned conversion kits and devices to make the bullet button easier to use. devices like the maggot magnet. these days you do not need a kit, all the major gun manufacturers make these guns with a bullet but in built in so senator leland yee is amending his bill. >> we were saddled ... now with colorado there's a lot of support. >> in the new language the
FOX News
Aug 23, 2012 4:00pm PDT
agents. leland vittert with the news live from our middle east bureau. leland now the u.s. navy is sending an aircraft carrier back into that part of the world? >> exactly, jon. the uss aircraft carrier steaming out of port four months ahead of schedule to head back into the middle east, not only to keep an eye on iran but also bringing with 100 airplanes from the carrier air wing and ability to launch special forces teams. syria's chemical weapons arsenal right now is in storage but includes the ability to launch chemical weapons both by artillery and then also by missile that any kind of population area. the concern is either those chemical weapons would be used against the civilian population there in syria or possibly fall into the wrong hands. meaning al qaeda or hamas or hezbollah. here that could target israel in a rare moment of agreement here, the united states got word from russia that the syrian regime had promised the russians that not only with these weapons not be used they would not even be brought out of storage as a way to provide a little bit of buffer zone betwee
FOX News
Aug 8, 2012 3:00pm PDT
opposition is fighting back. correspondent leland vittert is following the action from jerusalem tonight. >> reporter: flying low over a residential area, syrian air force jet fired off one of the missiles. rebels could only respond from fire from old air guns mounted op back of pickups. in the battle for the key stronghold. unconfirmed video shows troop loyal to bashar assad continuing to pound away with heavy artillery. "this is the result of the shelling" says a narrator outside of an aapartment buildinbuilding in the city. satellite video show the scale of the destruction on a macro level. each yellow dot represents an artillery crater. on the ground, rebels say they will give their lives in the fight for aleppo. but blame the international community for not protecting them. they only sit, says this commander in the free syrian army. "they don't do anything here." in washington, u.s. officials appear reticent. >> the situation is tragic. what we don't want to do is do anything that would unintentionally in fact lead to greater bloodshed in the country. >> rebel funeral today. more bl
Aug 12, 2012 8:30am PDT
detach it >> that assault weapon is in part of the band >> senator leland yee introduced a bill that banned conversion kits and devices to make the button easier to use such as this magnet. these days you do not need a do-it-yourself kit. all the major gun manufacturers make them with bullet buttons built in so the senator is amending his bill >> with the new thing there is a lot of support out >> in the new language the definition of an illegal detachable magazine now includes one >> the change would be that a bullet button weapon is in fact part of the band and therefore you cannot in fact possess that particular kind of weapon unless you make certain modifications so that the dangers features are not part of it >> it also called on the attorney-general to amend the state's regulations and bring them back into conformity with the law. >> everybody sense that there was a wink wink going on and that the bullet button was in fact ok >> after three months of no common the attorney general now says, i applaud the legislature's interest in expressing this problem and support efforts to p
Aug 5, 2012 9:00am PDT
close a loophole in the assault weapons law. attorney general harris and leland lee of san francisco are seeking the change. -- >>> a teenager from monterey county who has been the subject of an amber alert for a week has turned herself in, as has her boyfriend. the two surrendered yesterday in san diego county. the 16-year-old disappeared eight days ago from her home 20 miles southeast of king city. two men were found inside that home shot to death. her boyfriend, 19-year-old juan salazar, jr. is one of the suspects in the double murder. >>> in santa cruz county firefighters are keeping watch on a seven acre fire that is fully contained to make sure it does not flare-up today. it broke out yesterday morning west of los gatos. sky 7 h tkwarbgs over the scene the fire raced through a rural area -- threatening more than 200 homes. a couple was ready to evacuate they lived a mile from the fire. >> we could see flames and we started to think about what was important and what wasn't. started packing. >> we hooked the computers, decided to look for photographs that were hard copies and put
Jul 31, 2012 5:00pm PDT
students complain they were being singled out. one is 17 year-old leland who had been attending the top performing mill's high school. he was suddenly transferred last year to a lower performing cappuccino high-school in san bruno. >> at first they said it was full and that was not, that was the reason for not letting me go to mills but i guess now they have space >> that is after you were going there for two years >> yes >> suddenly there was no room? >> five weeks into the school year they said you have to go to cappuccino next week >> district of administrators tell us the move was made because he was no longer living with his parents and had moved in with a relative. he has since been transferred back to mills. >> san francisco kids hoping for swimming gold but swimming against the tide. >> if you get a sprained ankle, do you choose heat or cold or both? the best way to treat a common injury >> a big time microclimate weather pattern from the '90s in the valleys to the fog at the coast. how,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> spoiler alert about the olympics. u.s. men's swimming, michael phelps made h
Aug 11, 2012 1:30am PDT
debate of gun control. state senator leland yee has introduced a bill to clamp down on guns. josh, california has the most strict ban on assault weapons. why does senator yee feel it is inadequate? >> there is a loophole. senator yee introduced this in may. this is a bullet button. the law as it exists says that magazines that can be removed by a normal push button as would ordinarily would happen with other features like a telescoping stock are already banned under california law. the law essentially requires that magazines be fixed in the gun or require a tool to remove or replace them in order to slow down the reloading process. what some gun manufacturers started doing was to sell kits to modify the button to use the tip of a bullet or a magnet that you pass over it, thus, using a tool. it can be done in seconds. you put the kit on and change the magazine out just as quickly as you would other circumstances. senator yee's bill seeks to ban that mechanism. he introduced it in may. i talked to him last night. he said he did not see a lot of enthusiasm for it at first. people did
Aug 15, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. >> what we have found is that there is in fact a loophole >> after seeing our reports senator leland yee introduce legislation to ban the bullet but even though thousands of guns equipped with them have been sold in calif
Aug 6, 2012 4:00am EDT
will play it from the martian's surface. leland melvin says actors, singers can help with the mission. >> trying to get humans to the martian surface. i think we have to o do it as one collective. as entertainers, as ball players, as private sector, as government working together to make it happen. >> scientists say it will be years or decades before man walks on the red surface of mars. nasa officials are calling this a huge day for the nation. also, president obama issued a statement shortly after the landing saying that this accomplishment proves that even the longest odds are no match for american ingenuity and determination. before the geological field work can begin, the engineers basically have to go through a system of testing of rover. then it's all about the scientific mission forward. terrell, back to you. >> looking forward to it. teresa garcia in pasadena this morning rmt thank you so much. >>> this isn't the first thim they've successfully landed a craft on the mars surface. the viking landers were the first to arrive on the red plap et. they sent these pictures back. ju
Aug 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
creada por el senador de san fracisco, leland yee, que pone un alto a las demandas de parte de empleadores, que exigen que sus empleados les entreguen sus contrase√Ďas de medios sociales como facebook y twitter. ---esta medida tambien prohibira que universidades publicas y privadas, exijan esta informacion a sus estudiantes. ---segun el legislador, las cuentas sociales son, por lo general, para compartir informacion privada y por lo tanto estan bajo proteccion constitucional. ---ahora espera la firma del gobernador. blanca ---la senadora federal por california barbara boxer estuvo hoy de visita en el sur de la bahia. take vo ---boxer hizo un recorrido por lo que sera la futura estacion del bart en berryesa, que es parte de la tan esperada extension de este servicio de transporte pblico hacia el area de san jose, santa clara y milpitas. ---una vez que el proyecto sea terminado, se crearan mas de 2 mil 500 empleos de planta y sera utilizado diariamente por unas 90 mil personas. stop open roll open cu --la casas en embargo podrian estar contribuyend o al incremento de los casos en
Aug 7, 2012 1:35am PDT
bullet to detach it. >>> that assault weapon is part of the band >>> senator leland yee introduced a bill that banned conversion kits and devices to make it easier to use devices like the mac magnet these days she don't need a do-it-yourself kit major gun manufacturers make a ours with both but is built and so center yee amend his bill. >>> with does not have enough support we were saddled with just the magnet now after collor lot of there's a lot of support >>> a definition of an illegal detachable magazine includes a magazine that can be detached with a finger or use of the tool. >>> that change would be the bullet but weapon is in fact part of the band and therefore you cannot in fact is as it unless you make certain modifications so that the dangers features not part of it. >>> it calls on the attorney general to amend the regulations and bring them back into conformity with the law. >>> there was a " wink wink " going on in california the bullet but was ok. >>> the attorney general mouse as i applaud the legislature's interest in addressing the problem and support efforts to pas
Aug 6, 2012 4:30am EDT
song "reach for the stars." astronaut leland melvin says actors, singers and stars can help with nasa's mission. >> the obama administration talked about trying to get humans to the martian surface. i think we have to do it as one collective. as entertainers, as ball players, private sector, government all working together to make it happen. >> reporter: but scientists say it will be years or decades before man walks on the red surface of mars. teresa garcia, cbs news, pasadena, california. >>> coming up at 5:45, howard will discuss the curiosity landing with researchers at nasa's goddard space flight center. we're all very curious about that and we'll be looking forward to that interview. >> very excited about this. very cool. they said maybe not till the 2020s or 2030s will be the earliest we can get man on mars. >>> good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >>> we're glad you're here this morning. i'm mike hydeck. beverly farmer is in for monika. she'll have traffic. howard bernstein has the weather. >>> good morning. we have showers in spot
Aug 6, 2012 10:00pm PDT
like a bullet to detach it. >>> that assault weapon is part of a ban >>> senator leland yee and produced a bill that burns cabanes conversion kits to make the bullet but an easier devices such as the mag magnet but you need a do-it-yourself kit the major gun manufacturers make a ours with bullet but this bill to and so center he commands his bill. >>> with the colorado fine >>> in the new language the definition of an illegal magazine now includes a magazine that can be detached either with a finger or use of the tool. therefore you cannot possess that particular weapon unless you make certain modifications so that the dangers features not part of it. >>> it also calls on the attorney general to amend the regulations and bring it back into conformity with the law >>> everybody sense there was a way to going on and the bullet and was ok >>> after three months of no comment the attorney general says i applaud the legislature's interest in addressing the problem and support efforts to pass legislation to restore the law's original intent. a call to war for the gun rights lobby >>>
Aug 18, 2012 12:00am EDT
? he's called out and the tigers go nuts. so here comes jimmy leland, protests the call, says they changed their mind and the orioles lose it. reynolds throws his glove and gets ejected. buck showalter comes out and wants a piece of somebody. it's anarchy. everybody is out of order. prince fielder was out of order. that thing is not coming back. it's still in detroit. j.c. romero is going where did it go. o's fall to the tigers 5-3. >>> now in about 20 hours or so because it's late the redskins are taking that ferrari out for another spin, talking about robert griffin, iii. he'll make his second preseason start, this time in the windy city of chicago, maureen's town, against those bears. the biggest difference from this game versus the first one, there will be an increased workload for rg3 and the starters expected to be on the field for 30 to 35 plays, roughly an entire half. last week they only played 14 snaps over three series. it's also important to start creating a winning culture sooner rather than later. >> you want to establish good habits of winning football games. we star
Aug 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
quickly using a tool nonet known as a bullet biden. leland yee wants to amend the law. he wants the lot to include rifles and shotguns. >>> 50 years later and still captivates surf and the mystery behind marilyn monroe's death. >>> we are flunking the test in protecting our children in california. >>> the fight to end sex trafficking in california a former facebook exec helps >>> that the showers and thundershowers and the prospects must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end. back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. do something the legislature cannot build today in a locked in neighborhoods all over the state that our centers for prostitution cbs 5 reporter anne mackovic says they're raisin
Aug 9, 2012 3:00pm PDT
economic development support along leanne avenue. that includes the items outlined below. -- leland ave. specific, targeted support to help that court or access funds from city-wide programs, like the small business revolving door fund, or the community beautification fund. my last slide is what we briefly spoke about, the job readiness. previously, $1 million is included to complete the remaining commitment for jri and work into oewd in the next year. happy to answer any questions you may have. my colleagues are also available for questions. supervisor chu: thank you. colleagues, any questions? we will also be seeing parts of the redevelopment budget born in all departments today. what we move forward with the department hearings, hearing one by one. if it is fine with everyone, we had a request from the city attorney to hear his budget first. he is going to be on available later on in the evening. is the city attorney here? if the city attorney is not here, why don't we go to the department of economic and workforce development. >> good morning, afternoon, supervisors. director of
FOX News
Aug 23, 2012 3:00pm PDT
continues to rise. correspondent leland vittert has more. >> reporter: near aleppo, rebels head to the front lines in whatever fighting vehicles were available. everything from pickup mounted with machine guns to a few captured syrian army tanks. amateur video from the embattled cities shows how ill-trained a poorly equipped the fighting force. is syrian arm overrun most of their position and destroyed neighborhoods that serve in opposition stronghold. on the outskirt of me das cuss, similar picture. government artillery lay in the street and young volunteer promise to continue to fight amid heavy casualties. fighters pause to bury their dead. at least 15 today in just one city. >> despite the use of the force and punishing artillery barrages, syrian president bashar assad and his army have failed to crush the re-lution. assad held in reserve the vast supply of chemical weapons. today, the pentagon confirms it's making contingency plans to use u.s. special forces on the ground to prevent the weapons to be used on civilian population. syria's ally russia promised chemical weapons wo
FOX News
Aug 9, 2012 8:00am PDT
crossed the border hoping to find refuge there in their country. leland vittert is live in jerusalem watching all of these developments. leland? >> reporter: hi, jenna. right now we not only have the humanitarian crisis on our hands but also appears though the rebels are really losing ground in the battle for aleppo. street-to-street fighting there, the rebels are running low on ammunition. the casualties are mounting and it appears nothing is sacred anymore. take a look at this video from earlier yesterday at a funeral. [shouting] [gunfire] that was an artillery shell landing in the middle of a funeral procession in the southern part of the country. in aleppo the street battles continue. the rebels hoped to claim aleppo as their base. from there they could resupply and launch attacks out as they try to take a foothold in one part of the country. that is the reason the syrian army is hitting back so hard, particularly in the northern part of the country. a win for the rebels means they have a foothold. it also means they're showing to the world they have become a cohesive f
FOX News
Aug 13, 2012 11:00am EDT
urban centers are inflicting heavy toll on innocent civilians. jon: leland vittert is covering the conflict live from jerusalem. this downed plane, leland, how significant is that? >> jon, if the roesch bells were actually able to shoot down a syrian mig it would be a game-changer in this civil war. it is these migs that the syrian government used to bomb civilian targets and take aim at rebel strongholds. let's look at the video. this is sub plipd by rebel amateur video. shows a mig flying low over the city. something happening. we hear anti-aircraft fire and large explosion. there is a rebel chanting, god is great, "allahu akbar!". according to the government the pilot ejected from the plane. it was not shot down by rebels but crashed during a routine training exercise. no way to confirm either way. it points to the use of syrian air power by the government there with almost impunity it has been going on for so long. jon, there was talk about a no-fly zone over syria much like the no-fly zone over syria. the syrian air force can basically do whatever they want. if they shot down
FOX News
Aug 20, 2012 6:00am PDT
yesterday. syrian regime and rebel forces look like they will fight it out to the very end. leland vittert in our mideast bureau in jerusalem. what is the latest on the ground? >> reporter: gregg, right now it is holy holiday of eads. amateur video coming out of the north and south part of the country. in aleppo the rebels have been unable to maintain any real foothold there in order to give them a base of operations. down in the south in dara, also major violence in the birthplace of the revolution. right now we're seeing a number of syrian troops defecting over to the rebel side. so far it is not enough to really make a big difference on the ground. also not enough to replace the rebels weapons that they are running there you and ammunition they are going through on almost daily basis here. gregg, the latest numbers out of aleppo and from dara there are dozens of people killed both in today's fighting and also over the weekend. gregg? gregg: gets worse day by day. leland vittert live in jerusalem. leland, thanks. martha: an insider attack in afghanistan leaves another american soldier de
FOX News
Aug 10, 2012 8:00am PDT
sanctions against syria's regime. leland vittert is live in our middle east bureau in jerusalem with that update. leland? >> reporter: hi, jon. the syrian rebels head really hoped that the town of aleppo was going to become their new base of operations where they could resupply from, where they could regroup from, provide medical care to wounded soldiers. day by day, though, the rebels seem to be getting less and less good news. the syrian goth seems to be winning more and more. in fact, just today the syrian government took control of a major neighborhood there in aleppo. the latest amateur video coming out of the embattled city does show us this is turning into an insurgency war meaning the rebels are fighting with ak-47s and mortar rounds. on the other side, though, you have the syrian army with entire battalions of tanks, heavy artillery, helicopter gunships and fighter aircraft to take on these rebels. it has been compared to a very tragic war of whack-a-mole, remember the old game where the insurgents would pop up in one area as they are doing in aleppo, the government comes in, wha
FOX News
Aug 31, 2012 8:00am PDT
war that some are describing as a civil war that shows no signs of letting up. leland vittert is in jerusalem with more. leland? >> reporter: it has been a long time, jenna. this latest offensive by the rebels shows the government has been unable to crush them especially in the town of aleppo where they said they were beginning a final battle in the city to retake it from the rebels. that simply has not happened. on the other hand the rebels have been saying for a long time they would control the city. they haven't been able to do so either. new video coming out shot by amateur photographers inside aleppo shows rebels wit very light weapons, machine guns, rpg's. president assad has his air force and heavy artillery. we've been learning last few days he has been using heavy art timberry targeting civilians showing up in bread lines in the fighting street-to-street. civilians are very unusually in the line of fire. activists are reporting a weekly death toll this week of some 1600 people and tins of thousands of civilians are now fleeing into neighboring turkey and jordan. turkey has
Aug 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
password under a bill by a san francisco law maker. senator leland yee says that colleges and universities should not demand social media user names and passwords. that would give them access to information that can be used to decide on admissions. things such as race, and religion. the senate approved a bill today, and sent the governor brown, a similar bill would ban employers from asking job applicants for their social media passwords. that measure awaits a final vote in the assembly. >> a last-ditch effort to settle out of court failed in the lawsuit between apple and samsung. after three weeks of testimony the jury is set to deliberate after receiving instructions from the judge. apple is suing the korean company for patent infringement on the ipad and iphone technology. and samsung is countersuing for $422 million saying that apple stole their technology. >> the first week of school for many children and a number of bay area districts but for parents that fought to get their kids into a good school, it is a long time coming. elizabeth cook takes a look a particularly fru
Jul 31, 2012 6:00pm PDT
discriminated. >> leland yee says that is why the department of education is investigating. >> it is pretty clear that because of some of the youngsters that have been placed there, their academic performance is quite high and hopefully through that, maybe in fact the school will increase their overall academic performance. >> and ministers a crackdown on students that don't live there but attend the schools. this student admits it is a common practice. >> a fair amount of students, but not as much. >> is an says that is what is also common is families that sure homes. he was forced to move in with his aunt after his father lost his job and relocated to san francisco. >> i do think this is an oasis, a lot of shared residence. now they say that if you share residence you can't go to the school because their frugal. but my son, classmate, he lived with his grandmother. grandmother owns the house. and he goes there. and not a problem with him. not a problem with him. >> late this afternoon school administrators issued a statement denying that they discriminate against anyone, nor do they trans
Aug 31, 2012 5:00am PDT
game will be played at leland high school where pat tillman was once a star line backer. the kickoff, 7 p.m. >>> investigators say dna evidence confirms the man killed by police during a standoff in san francisco in may fatally beat his own mother. police found 41-year-old dennis hughes barricaded inside his exgirlfriend's apartment. they say he began lighting fires and shooting through walls when officers tried to arrest him. a police sniper killed hughes, and investigators say hughes killed his mother three days earlier. >> time #r:48. the owner of a popular club in san francisco is facing eviction. cafe coke mow on indiana street suddenly closed down earlier this month. public court records show the owner hasn't paid rent for more than a year. club has hosted salsa clubs and also events for more than a decade. >> you do a little salsa. >> in my mind. >> all right. 0:48 is the time. let's check in with sal for traffic. >> good morning. still doing very well on the bay area roads and also on public transit. i just checked with them. off to a nice start on this friday. hope you have
Aug 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
them. there's gopher holes in there. >> at leland high school -- >> i can't wait. every time i go into fields meetings and we try to come one a schedule to fit all the teams on these practice fields, we're trying to find homes for them and it's so difficult at times. >> reporter: it will mean more time for coaching as well. >> right now when it comes winter time and daylight savings hits, and it gets darker earlier, we have nowhere to practice and we have to go all the way to san jose. >> this gift will pay for decades. >> a synthetic field will allow us access all year long, whether it's raining or not. >> reporter: now the donor in this case wants to remain anonymous, but the councilwoman for this district says that that could change when the time comes for the grand opening. the city is planning a plaque to commemorate this very generous gift. >> thank you, chris. still ahead at 6:00, mitt romney takes aim at california. though gop nominee's critical comments about the state's economy. >> i'm scott budman, behind this curtain, a piece of technology that will make it easier and faste
Aug 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
neighborhood watch meeting, that is they are going to hear from the police chief and also senator leland ye and their thoughts about what people can do to keep themselves safe after learning 18-year-old justin shing is out on bail. he's accused of sexual assault and burglary and peeping and he lives in the neighborhood. in the past two weeks foster city police say he broke into two homes, one touching a 17-year-old girl, another he was in a bedroom when a homeowner saw him, crouched down and tackled him. he was arrested but with him out on bail neighbors are worried. >> i'm not taking it well at all. i want him gone. i don't think somebody who can stand to do something like this with the moxie that he had to do it does not deserve to be here. >> reporter: foster city police say he has admitted involvement in these cases. nbc bay area tried to talk with shing but he didn't want to speak with us. and police are reminding people to take appropriate security measures, lock your doors and windows. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> in palo alto, police releasing a sketch of a
Aug 16, 2012 6:00pm PDT
remorse. that bill is by san fransisco senator leland yee, it passed the assembly today and now it is headed back to the full senate. >> new details in a multibillion-dollar lawsuit that apple filed against samsung. apple plans that samsung earned $2.4 billion on smart phones and tablets that they alleged still the company's projected designs and technology. samsung disagrees. they say they made $590 million on sales of devices that apple claims infringe on their technology. the judge in the case is asking both sides if they can settle the dispute on their own. samsung gave san jose some news today that could be good for the city's bottom-line. it wants to expand, and that could bring in millions in tax revenue. but mark sayers points out that there are still many unanswered questions about the steel. >> samsung of course, the huge south korean electronics conglomerate and while there is a lot of enthusiasm during this announcement at city hall, surprisingly very few details about exactly what is in store. >> the existing samsung building in north san jose is wrong to be getting bi
Aug 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
meeting they are expecting to hear from the police chief in foster city as well as senator leland yee. justin shing is accused of sexual assault, peeping and burglary and he lives in the same neighborhood. foster city police say he broke into two homes, one he stood over a girl's bed and touched her. another time they say that he was actually crouching on the ground in a bedroom when an owner saw him and tackled him. >> when it happened the first time you think like okay, one event. then it happened again and in the same block. for me this is a guy who is totally irrational. >> reporter: again, shing is back home in the very same neighborhood nbc bay area tried to talk with him. police say he has admitted involve it in these cases. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> police have release add sketch of a man they say sexually assaulted a man at a shopping center a. man who looks like this approached a woman in the parking lot near nordstrom yesterday afternoon, groped her and then took off. that victim a woman in her 30s described the suspect as an indian male abo
Aug 21, 2012 6:00am PDT
heading to the governor's desk. senator leland ye of san francisco has been pushing for the bill which would apply to those who did not torture anyone or kill a police officer. 300 offenders could be eligible to ask the cores to change their sentence to include the possibility of parole. governor brown has not tan a public position on the bill. >>> troubled san onofre nuclear plant in southern california getting ready to lay-off hundreds of employees. edison runs the plant in san diego county the company says 730 people will lose their jobs. the decision to make the lay-offs follows two year study that look at similar plants and their operations. san onofre has been closed since january ongoing repairs made to the tubes that carry radioactive water. >>> central valley's slaughterhouse shutting down this morning a video surfaced showing cows getting shocked and shot. animal rights group sent the video of the meat company to the agriculture department. it is a major slaughterhouse south of fresno. the company tells us a newspaper it has not seen the video nor does it know who took the pi
FOX News
Aug 16, 2012 6:00am PDT
. leland is live. >> it's unclear right now as we are trying to figure out is the syrian air force targeting that residential neighborhood as a warning to the civilians there supporting the rebels if that area, or were they trying to hit a opposition depot nearby? either way the results are horrific and it is difficult at best to watch parents dig through the rubble trying to find their children. many of the 40 killed were indeed children. of the hundred wounded a lot went to the hospital, the hospital became overwhelmed, they had to lock the door and send people across the border to turkey for medical care. this highlights a couple of issues, the syrian rebels do not have the ability to combat president bashar al-assad's air power and are unable to hold any ground as this war goes forward. number two, there is a huge deficit of medical splice to deasupplies to deal with mass casualties events that happen during this civil war. despite this horrific news and the news that the syrian government is bombing civilian targets the russian government said today they will continue to suppo
FOX News
Aug 8, 2012 8:00am PDT
weeks. leland vittert in the middle east bureau with the latest. >> reporter: this could be the a decisive one in the syrian civil war going on more than a year. a rebel loss here would not only deny them a base of operations, it would also prove very costly in terms of lives and ammunition on the same time a the government would continue to push the rebels out and leave them on the run. this is the latest video, amateur video coming out of the town of aleppo. it shows the syrian army vastly outgunning and outmaneuvering those rebels. the syrian army has not only aircraft in terms of fighter jets to bomb the rebels but also heavy artillery and tanks to take on those rebels, many of whom are armed very heatly indeed. in the past two weeks we've seen in aleppo the reports coming out do not look good at all for the rebels as the rebels continue to fight bravely, often times with antique guns. they are being pushed back. they're running low on ammunition. they're running low on medical supplies and many, many rebels are continuing to lose their lives. also there's a big civilian toll
Aug 31, 2012 7:00am PDT
was killed by friendly fire in afghanistan. tonight's game will be played at leland high school, till han was a star player there -- tillman was a star player there at that school. >>> police say six men wearing masks walked no a jewelry store yesterday morning and started to smash cases with hammers. one of the suspected getaway cars was pulled over on interstate 80 about 20 minutes later. two 18-year-olds were arrested. >>> new doe tails are emerging about the colorado shooting suspect. during a court hearing yesterday, it was revealed that james holmes may have tried to call a university psychologist nine minutes before the shooting. the psychologist also testified that she ended contact with holmes a month before the massacre. she sis she tried to notify police because she was -- she said she tried to notify police because she was so concerned. >>> today marks the 15th anniversary of princess diana's death. show was married to prince charles until -- until 1986. >>> 7:50. the late astronaut, neil armstrong, he will be honored on a day when there is a rare blue moon. the private se
Aug 31, 2012 6:00am PDT
afghanistan. tonight's football game will be played at leland high school. that's where pat tillman was once a star line backer. the game begins at 7 p.m. >>> right new it's 6:49. want to check back in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> looking at the commute in the east bay, pam, and just looking at that. so far it looks much better than it normally would. , for example, on interstate 880 here northbound and southbound, that's a nice- looking drive. as a matter of fact it continues to look good all the way up to downtown oakland. now if you are driving on the bay bridge approach it has been very nice with no major problems. if you're driving let's say to the peninsula, southbound 101 traffic is moving along pretty well headed down to the burr link game. we had the crash in front of the airport. that has been cleared up, and there are no troubles on 11. san ma day yes bridge looks good. 6:50. let's go to rosemary. >> a notable drop in temperatures on tap for your friday. a live look over san rafael. you can see plenty of gray out there. just a little peak of sun. we e
Aug 16, 2012 5:00am EDT
, but you can see further south as you make your way commute from leland. you are, again, hitting heavy volume in that area. and back over to 395, as you make your way southbound, have an accident there blocking the exit for 3b. hopefully, it should be clearing, but right now that exit ramp still shut. aaron? >> thank you, danella. >>> emotions are running high right now on the campaign trail. president obama and mitt romney stepping up their attacks on one another, and medicare is once again proving to be a hot-button issue for the candidates. nbc's claire leka is live on capitol hill with more on what they're saying this morning. claire? >> reporter: good morning to you, aaron. it's really been a war of words between president obama and gop rival mitt romney, with statements like "unhinged" and "hate" going back and forth and in blistering fashion, the candidates are going at it on the latest hot topic of the campaign, and that is medicare. now, president obama was joined by the first lady on his third and last day of campaigning in iowa. he attacked gop claims that his health c
Aug 6, 2012 6:00pm PDT
hard against the bill but senator leland yee says that he is ready for battle. >> i think that in the capital, people now realize that we have to do something about these assault weapons. and if there is any leakage in this particular band, we need to plug that particular hole. >> several lawmakers have signed on as co-authors of the bill including senate president pro tem darrell steinberg. but support so far has not been bipartisan. meantime, they say that if the bill becomes law, the state should be ready for a civil rights lawsuit. >> after a monthlong recess the state legislature is back in session today with only four weeks left, they have a very big issue to resolve and of course the billions of taxpayer dollars that are at stake. grace lee is at the capitol with how the legislature plans to reform pensions. it is a big one. >> it absolutely is, is not the most sexy issue because it is so complicated but it is hugely important because it affects so many californians. at least 1 million directly. and while no one has seen the legislature's plan publicly, the senate president say
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